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"Finding the Problem and Offering Solutions to IAQ/Mold Problems!"
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D. Douglas Hoffman - NORMI Certified IAQ/Mold Assessor

Having an extensive background in the construction industry has given me the experience to more fully understand the Indoor Air Quality problems and their solution. We are building our homes much differently than we did in the 50's and 60's and, as a result, many of the IAQ problems we see in homes and offices are the result of how tightly we construct these buildings. My experience allows me to do a proper assessment of the IAQ/Mold issues that might be affecting your indoor air quality, evaluate, with proper lab testing techniques, the quality of the air you breathe, interview the occupants, and develop an accurate and complete IAQ Profile of your living space.

Where warranted I will recommend remediation and offer suggestions about who you might use to do the work. In many cases remediation is unnecessary and I will be able to provide a SANITIZATION Protocol that will significantly improve your indoor air quality in a matter of days. My philosophy involves my partnering with you, the homeowner, to show you ways you can improve the air you breathe. These solutions include techniques that are compiled in my book, Mold-Free Construction. The easy-to-follow maintenance program, services, and products I suggest will dramatically improve your living environment and provide a healthier home for you and your family.

Thank you, in advance, for choosing me as your NORMI Certified IAQ/Mold Inspector. I look forward to confirming the confidence you have placed in me.



* Environmental TASC Force
* NORMI Certified CMI
* NORMI Certified CMR
* FL Certified G Contractor
* FL Certified Master Plumber
* FL Certified Master Roofer
* IAQ/Enviro Consultant
* FL Certified Mold Assessor
* Member Hammond Chamber
* LA Real Estate Commission
* "Mold-Free Construction"
* Radio Talk Show Guest
* Public Speaker