NORMIPro Management, LLC
"Finding the Problem and Offering Solutions to IAQ/Mold Problems!"
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Our Work Process

Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate the indoor air environment in an effort to identify contaminants and offer solutions. As I have said many times, "Prognosis without Diagnosis is Malpractice" and we continue to prove that once you know what a problem is, it is easy to resolve. Indoor air quality problems are not as complex as they may seem and sometimes the client can take advantage of the Professional Screening Partner program and, with a little elbow-grease, take part in the assessment process. The PSP program begins by your taking the IAQ Survey on the front page of this website. Once you've completed your part, we offer our suggestions on how to improve living indoors. If, on the other hand, you choose to have us do the assessment, please contact us directly for our a list of our fees.